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Author Kristin Kent was a wife and mother living the suburban dream when she read her first erotic romance novel.  It awakened a long-shelved desire to write professionally.  Now she writes at home in scenic West Michigan, sharing her life with her husband, two grown sons and a stubborn, but stinking cute Shiba Inu.

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Women? I love ‘em, but I’m on cruise control, with no detours for love. You see… I’m not meant for the road to happiness. Sure… I’ve got the looks, the money…. Hell, I’ve got personality in spades. However, I’m focused on running an automotive empire, with a hollow heart.

She came out of nowhere, a chance meeting sparking my interest. Ignition engaged, my attraction roars to life. This woman pushes every button I have, shifting my attention from reluctant business mogul to love. Our passion and sexual chemistry ignite. But, it’s only a matter of time before my past crashes into the present, and all the control I crave… I need… goes out the window.


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