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Meet Kristin

Kristin KentA voracious reader since childhood, my parents used to have to pull my head out of the pages to join the family for dinner. As a young mother, my love for reading was often put aside for my two boys. Reading became a hobby reserved for vacations and stolen moments. Sending my youngest off to college changed a lot for me. Suddenly, there were no more high school sports to follow, nor classrooms and school events who needed volunteers. I had some free time on my hands! Along came that famous trilogy of erotic novels which set the romance reading world on fire. Of course, I had to see what the fuss was all about. Those books were also a turning point in my life. Erotic romance leapt off the pages for me, calling to me like no other genre. I scoured the book blogs and bookstores for other authors, finding many self-made indie authors who also felt a calling to write. I’m happy to share my favorites, because it’s these women who inspired me. K.Bromberg, Laurelin Paige, Jodi Ellen Malpas and Louise Bay are “automatic buy” authors for me, for excellence in erotic romance. Like your erotic stories a bit deeper and darker? Aleatha Romig, Sierra Simone and C.D. Reiss are the queens of dark, drawing me in like no others, leaving me begging for more. My favorite erotic rom-com authors are Lauren Blakely and Emma Chase. So, while you’re waiting for my next book, I encourage you to check out these supremely talented authors.

My friends and family will tell you I’m a lover of all things pink. What a surprise to find my website designer’s first attempt at my webpage came to me with all these delicious shades of pinks and burgundies. Our working relationship was meant to be. I’m a self-professed shoe lover, grammar and vocabulary nerd, have a love/ hate relationship with exercise, and if Lilly Pulitzer makes it, I probably wear it, when it comes to summer attire. I love Victorian architecture. We built our own neo-Victorian 22 years ago, where we still make our home. I have a thing for teddy bears, both small ceramic collectibles to the real fuzzy ones. I joke that I have Vermont Teddy Bear Company on speed dial. And yes, my favorite alcoholic drink really is coconut rum with Diet Coke and two limes, just like Morgan.